Become one with your vision

We arrived in the future. A new profession has emerged: the VR artist. As established 3D animation filmmakers, we have studied the topic VR intensively and know that it is extremely enjoyable to learn. During our workshops we want to show you the various techniques and methodes of virtual painting and animation.

Upcoming events in 2019

1. Feb. + 2. Feb.

VR Malerei + VR Skulpturenbau, Stadtbibliothek Düsseldorf


VR-Workshop required? A half-day introductory course for people without prior knowledge who want to get their first steps into VR. Contact us and we arrange an appointment.

VR-Workshop Advanced

Want to take your VR experience to the next level? One day course for professionals, students and CG artists who want to acquire virtual painting and animation skills for VR productions.