VR Live Painting / Graphic Recording

Refresh your Audience

We will paint live on a big screen for events like author readings, concerts, theatres and festivals. VR Live Painting will massivly intensify your main act in a perfect symbiose. --- Powerpoint presentations are from yesterday. Flipcharts boring. We do "Grafic Recordings in VR"! This still is very unique at the moment, but will become the state of art very soon. Give your audience a refreshing and unforgettable experience! Contact us.

Author Reading – “Discworld”

My interpretation of the "Rincewind character" from the famous Discworld series. The painting is made during the reading of a book scene in Virtual Reality and immediately projected on the wall in the background. What you will see is what I can see in the headset in real-time!

Life Painting – "Life of Pi" Interpretation

Interpretion of the two main characters of the classic Novel Life of Pi surrounded by the stormy sea. This painting is completely made in Google Tilt Brush.

Life Painting – “Fire Golem” (Time Lapse)

It’s such interesting and satisfying just to follow the painting strokes in three-dimensional space becoming the desired image. More and more the picture is revealed to the audience. More and more the artist takes us into his vision of the scene.

Possible Applications

Author Reading