My Workingspace. Entirely made in Virtual Reality. I used a spherical picture of my room as reference background and painted everything onto it in VR.

Time Machine

A little boy dives deep into solving of the Rubiks Cube until he isn't aware of time and his surroundings anymore. “Time Machine” is the first short film with more complex character animation, backgrounds, and sound design. The animation was entirely produced in Virtual Reality too.

A Cochlear Implant - Infographic

People often ask Eric what it is like to be a cyborg…. So, he made this short infographic in Virtual Reality about “Cochlear Implants”.

Moby Dick

Together we created this cool VR artwork during our workshop and authors reading of "Moby Dick" at the CologneDigital. The audience was stunned by this new experience. Staff Picked by the Sketchfab Team here: https://skfb.ly/6DAWx